Food Sense is a professionally run food and beverage consultancy company put together by people with a vision for novel and innovative concepts.
The philosophy behind Food Sense is to bring to its client end to end assistance in various aspects of Retail food and beverages business with over a decade of experience.


About Us

Food Sense's is a sole proprietorship firm lead by Chef & Entrepreneur Vikram S Udaygiri whose travels includes over 22 countries.

Chef Vikram represents the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, in promoting Indian cuisine across South Africa, Israel, and Egypt, among others. Chef Vikram's domain expertise also lies in Creating food concepts for various formats of the food business - Managed Kitchen Solutions, Industrial Kitchen Operations, QSR & Fine Dining Restaurants.

Professionally run food and beverage Consultancy Company


Strong business disciplines and ethical principles


Hands on approach managing, organizing and decision making


Over a decade of experience in food and hospitality


Active and personalized involvement in execution of projects


Chef's approach to food, entrepreneurs approach to business


Consulting Services

Consulting for Troubled Restaurants

Are your bottom lines getting affected by unnecessary overheads?
This is for restaurant operators seeking to improve profitability and ease operations, every hotelier should seriously consider this service.

Consulting for Restaurant Startups

We provide every service that your new restaurant startup will need, from start to finish. We assist from opening the restaurant alongside you, alternatively we help in coordination of services as you need them. We assist in opening projects in scheduled time lines and within estimates of costs based on business plan.

Consulting for Brand Repositioning

Our partners have the experts you need to help you reposition your brand and fuel growth of your restaurant.

Multi Concept Approach

Food Sense services caters to QSR, stand alone restaurants, home stays, hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, resorts.

Real Estate & Location Selection

Food Sense will assist you in finding the right location and then assist with the lease negotiations much more. This service is highly recommended for those without prior leasing expertise or experience.

Concept Testing, Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

Food Sense has a great network of very credible individuals and organization to document every idea and make business sense of the same. This will help you strategically take and make business decisions.

Menu Development

Food Sense specializes in development of profit oriented menus. Food costing, menu engineering etc. Recipe Formulation - Process of documenting a recipe to keep in records Portion Standardization - Deciding the quantity of food to be served based on various aspects including appetite of consumers etc. Food props and presentation - Styling of food and plates for appeal and appearance.

Training and Development

Training of kitchen staff on menu, recipe and process of production. Training of service staff on Menu description and presentation.

Kitchen Layout and Design, Equipment Selection

We can help design your kitchen for efficiency, improvised work flow and logistics. We ensure healthy savings when it comes to equipment requirements and selection.

Our Process

Our Process

A restaurant is an evolving living entity. From vision to development to improvement, running a restaurant is a constant flow. Chef's expertise ensures the process is seamless and streamlined no matter where you are in the cycle.

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“Professional, diligent and cost effective”

John Doe - Client

“Professional, diligent and cost effective”

John Doe - Client

“Professional, diligent and cost effective”

John Doe - Client

Our Blog

Blog 1

Four seasons in twelve hours

Procrastination and its dowdy cousin sloth make for a lethal weapon, capable of pulverizing projects and men on mission. Guess that's why this blog went on a self-imposed decadence. But what revives remains and what remains rises!
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The Vietnam Experience

The Vietnam experience

I woke up numb not realizing what time of the day it was. Divya and I were so tired after a stupefying flight from Delhi to Hanoi, with a long stopover at Kuala Lumpur, that the lack of energy clouded the excitement of being in a new country.
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The curious case of the Maldivian Fish curry

The curious case of MFC

I recently discovered the difference between holidaying and travelling. When I travel I like to explore the local, food being top on the agenda. Being a people's person, I love connecting with the local folks too.
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South Indian Food festival at Tel Aviv, Israel - Part 2

South Indian Food festival

Shalom! Constraints burp innovation. So given the kosher, people and time restrictions, we re-innovated our menu on ground. For example Idli and Dosa - the most popular of the sound Indian cuisine had to be scored off the list.
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South Indian Food festival at Tel Aviv, Israel

South Indian Food festival

The fear of incurring the wrath of my new friends/colleagues at Tel Aviv, will keep me from being vocal about my silent trysts with non-compliance!
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